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LISA - Laboratory for Integration of Systems and Applications

LISA is the main lab of the GDB group. It hosts graduate and undergraduate students who work on interdisciplinary research in information systems, databases, and advanced applications for several domains. Thanks to institutional support and previous projects, LISA is now housed in a room with 36 m^2 and smaller rooms hosting professors and some students. All these rooms have proper architectural conditions and computational equipments for developing solutions and running experiments. The research developed at LISA handles considerable amounts of diverse complex data, including semi-structured data, social media data, trajectories, linked data, image descriptors and associated metadata.

Internal (in Portuguese)

LEB - Laboratory of Software Engineering and Databases

The main goal of LEB is integrating techniques of software engineering and databases. Its major research projects include generation of conceptual data models from requirements, definition of agile process of software development, XML data integration, project of XML databases, and integration and access to the hidden-Web.


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